Jack falls into the sewer

Shao, Sammy, Kevin, Ben

Shao tries to rescue Ben

Shao and Kevin

Two friends dream of adventure

Shao Bao

Fish food - dinner time

Marvin and the Shrimp

Marvin likes to dig


Kevin attempts to escape

The Fish Tank

Waiting for Mr. Bunker's big show

Pheonix, Calvin, Thom

Who's going to win the prize today?

The Fish Tank

Mr. Bunker's big show begins

Kevin and Ben

Kevin's new home

Ben and Kevin

A life coach

The Competition

It's going to be a cook-off

The Kitchen

A busy New York restaurant

The Fish Tank

Mr. Bunker's home

Kevin and his Father

Kevin's rebelious nature has him caught in a fish net


A majestic flying fish


A friendly fish-ball competition

The Seagulls

Taking bets on who will win the fish-ball competition

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